Mist System - MANLON

MANLON – Misting system offers customized and innovative quality misting systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. it can be used for any other outdoor or indoor location.

Mist System - MANLON

MANLON – Fogging system delivers best performance and ambiance for concerts, sports, or any other outdoor events.


Misting System – Manlon Misting System is a unique technique for cooling outdoor/indoor locations like a garden terrace, swimming pool deck, patio, or any dining location.  Over the past decades, technology has facilitated efficient use of water by incorporating high pressure to generate mist that eventually reduces the temperature in the neighboring areas.   Our combination of high pressure misting system with mist nozzles provides ultimate performance with maximum effectiveness.   MANLON misting system has aesthetically pleasing appearance that complements to any kind of outdoor ambience. The ultrafine misting nozzles are engineered to provide cooling without wetting the surroundings.  On an average our misting system can reduce the temperature up to six-to-twelve degrees.

Manlon Misting System was developed in 2016 and Manlon Engineers Pvt. Ltd. now manufactures and supplies quality misting, fogging and humidification equipments. We have set a standard of excellence in the misting industry.

Manlon misting system offers quality, customized, and innovative misting systems for residential, industrial, commercial or any other outdoor or indoor location.  Our environmental friendly, efficient and maintenance free misting system is used in varied industries to control dust, odor, pollutants and mosquitoes.  Our fogging system delivers best performance and ambience for concerts, sports, or any other outdoor events.

Manlon misting system incorporates high pressure pump, stainless steel nozzles and misting lines through which water is pushed to create small mist like droplets that fill the air that automatically absorb heat and reduces the temperature.

Choose the right misting system

All misting systems available are not same.  Select the right misting system for the right purpose.  Different systems are designed for different target environment which includes the misting pump, distribution line, nozzles and water treatment controls.  All these key areas jointly work together to give you desired type of misting experience.

We at Manlon specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing customized misting system as per your specific requirement and environment.


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