About Us – MANLON Group

Our plastic processing unit has been established at Ahmedabad, India in 1987 and is being efficiently run for the last more than thirty years. Our extruded and molded plastic products mainly flexible Nylon tube, Pu tube, Coiled hoses, Misting system tubes, Flexible Plastic coolant pipes and Spiral cables are widely accepted by reputed customers including OEM in various fields of industries


The name Manlon stands for quality, strength and continuous innovation.

MANLON was founded in 1987 by Mr. A. Maniar, B.E. (chemical) and Mr. V. Maniar, (Plastic Diploma) at Ahmedabad, India as an ambitious family business.  Over the past three decades, Manlon has earned international reputation for providing extruded and molded plastic products.

With hard work, perseverance, and a clear vision, the Maniars are models of pioneering spirit, discipline and enthusiasm.  With an unwavering commitment dedication and an entrepreneurial foresight, the company has potentials to embrace change and lead the company.  The Manlon Group has true ethical and moral values on which it has earned trust from its employees, suppliers and customers.

Our Values

Customer-oriented:  Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.  We strive to deliver results that are beneficial to our customers.  We work with a spirit of trust and reliability and try our level best to enhance our customer relationship.  Our competent staff, skilled technicians, and professionals work together to provide quick, flexible and long-lasting solutions to our customers.

Family-oriented:  Our family-oriented company has a culture of respect, trust and transparency.  Training and development is interwoven in our architecture.  Team spirit, team engagement, social responsibility and human resource management practices has created strong bonding in our company.  We have adopted ability-enhancing practices, motivation-enhancing practices, fringe benefits, and safety-enhancing practices in our company.  Hence, our company has an atmosphere of love, warmth, care and belongingness that is free from coldness or animosity.

Innovative-oriented:  Innovative culture is the root cause of our success.  Innovation and creation is in our genes.  We continuously experiment, develop, and keep on improvising on our processes, methodologies and technologies.  We look out for sustainable solutions and design innovative products that are better in quality and functionality.

Our Promise

Customer satisfaction and well-being of our staff are at the forefront of Manlon’s philosophy.  We provide tried, tested, customized solutions to our customers with great pleasure and preparedness.  Our dedicated staff is always to committed to deliver, high-quality, industrial standard safe, and satisfactory solutions for your requirements.

Manlon range of products delivers their promises of

  • High-Quality
  • Value for money
  • Intangible services
  • Innovative solution

Our Milestones

Manlon today is a global player.  The timeline clearly indicates our journey of success.

1987 Polymer Convertors
1989 Manlon Polymers
1991 Polymer Profiles
1996 Manlon Engineers Pvt. Ltd
2001 Maniar Enterprise

Our Products

In 1987, Maniar group started their journey with manufacturing of Nylon-6 tubing/hoses.  Gradually, we started manufacturing engineered grade plastic tubing from Nylon 66, Nylon-12, TPE, PE, PP, Polyurethane tubes /flexible coolant pipe, etc.  our manufacturing is located in Ahmedabad where we process both extrusion and molding since last three decades.

Range of Manlon Products

  • Nylon Tubes / Pipe / Hose
  • Polyurethane Tubes
  • PP tubes
  • PE tubes
  • Misting System Tubing
  • Coiled hoses-Nylon / PU
  • Flexible Plastic coolant pipe
  • Spiral Cables
  • Spiral-Earthing-Cables
  • Spiral-Safety-Cords
  • Piezometer Twin Tubes
  • Transparent Tubes
  • Nylon air brake tubing
  • High pressure Nylon Tubing and Nylon 6 tubing / Nylon 12 tubing
  • One Touch Tube Fittings / Push in Fittings
  • Accessories – Nylon tube cutter, PU Tube cutter, Blow guns, QRC, Camlock Coupling, Hose Reels, etc.

Our Brands

Manlon has become synonymous with range of unique quality products that include:

  • Manlon tube
  • Manlon hose
  • Manlon Misting System
  • Manlon spiral cable
  • Manlon coiled hoses
  • Manlon coolant pipes


12, Highway Commercial center, Danilimda, Ahmedabad, 380028, Gujarat, INDIA

PH: +91-79-25322407, 25323548,   MBL: +91-9327000706, 9825773362

Email: info@manlon.in, manlon@hotmail.com