Manlon Misting Pump

  • The Hawk high-pressure pump is suitable for transferring clean water and can be used for various applications, such as high-pressure misting, tank cleaning, facade cleaning and fire fighting.

  • Available separately or as a set

  • Highly versatile

  • Ceramic plungers

Elevate your misting system with the Hawk high-pressure pump, available as a standalone pump section or paired with a 4- or 6-pole electric motor to create a comprehensive pump set. Our pump sets come equipped with essential features such as a chassis, vibration dampers, overflow protection, pulsation damper, non-return valve, manometer, and pressure transmitter.

For added convenience and efficiency, opt for a set with a control system that utilizes a frequency controller.Crafted with precision, the plungers of our pumps are constructed from durable ceramic, while the pump casing is expertly crafted from brass or stainless steel.

With a diverse range of Hawk pumps to choose from, finding the perfect pump to meet your capacity and pressure requirements is effortless.Experience the power and reliability of Hawk pumps – the ideal choice for all your misting needs. This revised content aims to highlight the key features and benefits of the Hawk Misting Pump in a more engaging and informative manner, catering to potential customers looking for high-quality misting solutions.


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